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The importance of first impressions

first impressionToday I want to talk about the importance of first impressions. The topic sounds so general and basic but it surrounds every one of us, all the time and nearly everywhere we look. If at a meeting, a birthday party of your friend, a job interview or just simply at the train station in the morning. But what is ‘a first impression’?

If we ask Wikipedia they say: “A first impression is the event when one person first encounters another person and forms a mental image of that person”, so far, so good. But what is so special about this mysterious first impression? A fact is, that people form their opinion about someone in just a few seconds. The funny thing is, that you can’t decide whether to have or how to form your first impression, it happens automatically. However, it’s very important to be prepared whenever you want to create a good impression. For this, there are a few important steps. ‘Clothes make the man’ is one of these important rules. It’s fundamental because people who see you for the first time don’t have other evidence to judge you, it’s all about your appearance at the current moment.

To speak about our business, the first impression you make is one of the most important elements. Obviously at appointment for a new rol when you walk in for the first time, but also if you become part of the team. Sales is all about the first impression. When you want to sell something to potential customers they will decide to buy or not to buy in just the first 30 seconds. So for our company, and in general for your business, the clothing is one of the most important things as I mentioned it earlier. We attach great importance on our employees being dressed pretty smart. Beside that, the other key things are more about the behaviour. You should act in a polite and enthusiastic way. Don’t force people to buy, accept their decisions. If people start arguing, don’t argue. These things are simple, but you have to follow them to succeed.

Another thing is the first impression we create when you first walk in. I remember the first time I came to the 1to1 office for my appointment. The person answering the buzzer was very friendly and polite and so my first impression was already positive even before I had seen anyone. I came upstairs and I was welcomed with a friendly handshake and a good dosage of small talk. I also got offered a drink and the atmosphere was relaxed. For me these things really helped me to calm down because I was obviously nervous for my appointment.

In general we really want people to feel comfortable in our office because we think happy and relaxed employees do a better job in contrary of you are stressed and feel uncomfortable.

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