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5 tips to be more productive in the office


“Love what you do! You will never be productive

in something you don’t like”


1 Leave the office for lunch

A lot of people bring their lunch into their workplace and eat it in the office or even whilst working. The result is, that you never really leave the office or you never stop being confronted by your work. Therefore it could help to leave the office for lunch. You don’t have to eat in a restaurant, you can also just simply take your lunch to the park or literally anywhere you want, just make sure you leave the office. It will help you to empty your mind and to give you new energy for the rest of the day. If you have enough time it could also be a good idea to meet a friend from outside work  and to eat with them or even go home and eat with your family if it’s close to your workplace. Having a break from your company will get you more motivated to go on with your work!

2 Set goals

One of the most important things you should do, is setting goals. I would recommend weekly goals and at the end of the week you can analyse your success. Setting goals will not only help you to succeed but also make it easier to structure your week. If you write down your goals it’s more likely that you reach them because you have them in mind all the time and the good thing is, that it makes you feel great when you hit them!


3 To do list

Another thing to improve your productivity is to set up a to do list. To summarise all the things you have to do has a lot of positive effects. Firstly, you simply don’t forget what you have to do if you list it up. Moreover, studies have shown, that tasks we haven’t done distract us, but just making a plan to get them done can free us from this anxiety.

It also improves your time management because you can categorise the importance of the things you have to do and so you can improve the order of getting them done.  As you see, planning with a to do list has a lot of positive impact on your productivity during your daily work.


4 Take care of your physical and emotional health

Not everything you do to increase your productivity is directly connected to your workplace. Keeping you fit, mentally and physically is a very important part of it too. Having a hobby is something to achieve that. It doesn’t  matter if it is sport, playing an instrument, learning a language or cooking. Everything you love helps you to put a distance between you and your work. We all need this downtime to gain new motivation and simply just to do something for ourselves and our happiness. That’s never been so important as it is today, when we are  available 24 hours a day with our mobile devices and the internet.


5 Love what you do

The last and maybe most important point: Love what you do! You will never be productive in something you don’t like. Don’t just do a job because of the money or the recognition you get. If you do like your job it will be easier for you to complete the tasks you are given to do. Motivation is not something you can just turn on, it’s something which is connected to how much you like something. So if you are unhappy with what you do, change it!





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