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The relevance of social events


A lot of entrepreneurs ask themselves how to improve the workplace and the happiness of their employees. One simple answer is: Social events!

Planning social gatherings for your staff in addition to work is an easy and highly effective way to increase the work attitude and the enjoyment of their work. It brings change into the daily life of your workers and also allows them to fill up their inner batteries. All work and no play can turn your workplace into quite a tedious environment. Studies show that especially nowadays, people who apply for a new job pay a lot of attention to the working conditions of their company.

Clearly you have to put some effort into organising an event. But there are plenty of things you can plan, and never forget that Google is your friend! You don’t have to reinvent the wheel.

Things like sports events, going out to a bar or a restaurant or also simply organising a BBQ or a picnic for your employees and their families are a selection of the most appealing events. Events like these can serve a number of functions for your employees:

For starters: They get the possibility to socialise with the team and to get integrated in the company outside the work environment. That’s a good way for a quick approach to your business and as we all know, people who know and trust each other work better in a team.

For long established employees: They get the chance to crosslink with other departments. Even if your event is non-work related your staff will speak about work unconsciously. At the end the chance that they come up with a new idea for your business after a social event is quite high.

Our company provides some social events throughout the year. The most common one is our weekly office night. Every Wednesday we go to a different place for simple drinks or to have dinner all together. When I joined 1to1 Advertising it helped me a lot to get in touch not just with other people but also with people from other departments that I don’t usually work with on a day to day basis.

Another thing we do regularly are visits to other offices around the world. People from our team get the chance to travel and to benefit from the experience of directors in other countries. Beside that, we also spend some time in visiting the sights there, and this can strengthen the relationship between our employees and also the company.

As a conclusion we can say: Social events are a must-have nowadays! Not having social events gives the impression your company is living under the rock and is not progressive. Don’t let that happen and just organise them!

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