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5 traits of an entrepreneur


“Sometimes it’s necessary to try again and

again until it works”

1 Determination

Starting a new business is a marathon. It’s presumable that it won’t be successful at all times or there might be unexpected obstacles. Therefore it’s very important to be determined and tenacious about what you are doing. Sometimes it’s necessary to try again and again until it works. A real entrepreneur doesn’t believe that something cannot be done!


2 Adaptability

As I mentioned above, you might face some unexpected challenges. You definitely have to be adaptable to such situations to succeed with your business. Conditions might change so fast and you have to adapt to the new situation to solve the problem. Sometimes you have to be honest with yourself and say “this is not working”, to make progress. If you want your company to be successful, be creative and flexible to find solutions for every problem.


3 Networking

Entrepreneurs are rarely successful alone. Especially in the beginning you rely on the people working with you to build up your business. Hence, you should treat them on the same level you want to be treated so that they feel like a part of the team. They should not see you like a dictator, they should feel like they are equal to you.

Beside your staff you should also be good in networking with other companies or your customers. You shouldn’t just network with people who can help developing your business currently, but also have the potential to help you in your future as well. To keep in touch with the business in your sector is the name of the game.


4 Risk Taking

Risk-taking is almost synonymous to entrepreneurship. Your career, your money and all your effort will be invested in your business and you are responsible for it. Therefore you have to take some risk if you want to go forward. Some steps might include the possibility for you to lose money or your whole company could get bankrupt. But risk-taking is a necessary obstacle you have to pass to become a successful entrepreneur. The good thing is, that you can calculate some perils and prepare to mitigate them.


5 Passion

By far the most important thing in being an entrepreneur is your passion. It is required to bring up enough determination and stamina to succeed. You have full control how you create your work and your work environment because you are the boss. Sometimes you also need to put some extra effort into your business and that’s only going to work if you really like what you do! Always remember: Nothing great in the world has ever been accomplished without passion!

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